About Me

I am a second-year CSE Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan, advised by Prof. David Fouhey. I was previously a Master student in Robotics. Before that, I received my B.S.E. degrees in Computer Science at UM and Mechanical Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University through a dual degree program at UM-SJTU Joint Institute.

I was honored to collaborate with Prof. Andrew Owens during my master's studies; and with Prof. Dmitry Berenson during my undergraduate studies.

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- [2023/03] Perspective Fields for Single Image Camera Calibration is selected as a highlight!
- [2023/02] Two papers are accepted at CVPR 2023!
- [2022/12] We release our latest work on single image camera calibration!
- [2022/07] "PlaneFormers: From Sparse View Planes to 3D Reconstruction" is accepted at ECCV 2022!
- [2022/06] I passed Prelim.


Linyi Jin, Jianming Zhang, Yannick Hold-Geoffroy, Oliver Wang, Kevin Matzen, Matthew Sticha, David Fouhey,
Perspective Fields for Single Image Camera Calibration.
CVPR 2023 (Highlight -- 2.5% accept rate)
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Nilesh Kulkarni, Linyi Jin, Justin Johnson, David Fouhey,
Learning to Predict Scene-Level Implicit 3D from Posed RGBD Data.
CVPR 2023

Samir Agarwala, Linyi Jin, Chris Rockwell, David Fouhey
PlaneFormers: From Sparse View Planes to 3D Reconstruction.
ECCV 2022
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Shengyi Qian, Linyi Jin, Chris Rockwell, Siyi Chen, David Fouhey
Understanding 3D Object Articulation in Internet Videos.
CVPR 2022
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Linyi Jin, Shengyi Qian, Andrew Owens, David Fouhey
Planar Surface Reconstruction from Sparse Views
ICCV 2021 (Oral)
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Shengyi Qian*, Linyi Jin*, David Fouhey
Associative3D: Volumetric Reconstruction from Sparse Views
European Conference on Computer Vision
ECCV 2020
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Invited presentation at ECCV 2020 Workshop Holistic Scene Structures for 3D Vision.

Andrew Price*, Linyi Jin*, Dmitry Berenson
Inferring Occluded Geometry Improves Performance when Retrieving an Object from Dense Clutter
International Symposium on Robotics Research
ISRR 2019
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- I was a teaching assistant of EECS442 Computer Vision, 2019 Winter by Prof. David Fouhey.


- I have many genius friends and this Link will redirect you to one of them.

Fun Projects during My Undergraduate Years

ConVision: Vision through Conversation

EECS498 Conversation AI
Advisor: Prof. Jason Mars.

Vehicle Data Collection and Processing

Research in Real-Time Computing Lab (RTCL)
Advisor: Prof. Kang Shin.

SLAM and Exploration

EECS467 Automous Robotics
Advisor: Prof. Benjamin Kuipers.

Tic-Tac-Toe Using Two RexArms

EECS467 Automous Robotics
Advisor: Prof. Benjamin Kuipers.

Music to Note Convertor

VG100 Intro to Engineering
Advisor: Prof. Yanfeng Shen

Automatic Ball Sorting Mechanism

ME350 Design & Manufacturing II.

Automatic Controlled Metal Trebuchet

ME250 Design & Manufacturing I.